peach-blossom-spring just told me that Ulta is having a 40% off NYX sale so now I’m telling you! Pick up a few shades of the Macaron colors and some of the Matte shades, they’re really lovely and for $3-4 a total steal. The Cake Brow Powder is a good powder to try out too, if you need a cheap alternative to Anastasia. 

Mind-blowing 19th century oil paintings depicting elements of North African Islamic society by Austrian Jewish and French artists Ludwig Deutsch, Rudolf Ernst and Jean-Léon Gérôme.

What the hell is wrong with Louis Filipe? Has he always been this bitchmade?

This ref so petty he gave a yellow card to player being taken off the pitch on a stretcher.

*uses a new skincare product for less than a week*
ugh this shit doesn’t work why do I keep wasting my money.
*continues to buy more skincare products*